Known the world over, the name Mitsubishi is a trusted household name associated with a variety of excellent products and services. Originating in the shipping industry back in 1870, the Mitsubishi group has grown into one of the worlds finest corporations today. The diversity of businesses that have sprung from Mitsubishi share a name to be proud of and a wealth of knowledge and expertise covering many industries. With involvement in shipping, satellite communication, motors, security and expertise in electronics and electrical equipment, it's clear to see how the air conditioning division came to be.

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Are you looking for a heat pump system for your UK property? The ACE Heat Pumps UK is a group of experienced heat pump installers and engineers with a special interest in renewable energy. Our residential and commercial heat pump services, products and solutions are cost-effective and we draw on our wealth of experience and know-how to meet our customers' specific needs. In addition, during the warmer season, a heat pump works as an air-conditioner providing you with year-round comfort. Because the heat pump does not burn any fossil fuel when producing heat, it produces far less greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional furnace.

Heat pump technology delivers up to four times more energy than it uses by capturing clean energy present in the air outside of the home. The ACE Heat Pumps UK has the engineering expertise to provide you with efficient heat pumps that match the heating needs of your home or office building, providing comfort while substantially reducing your energy bills. You will benefit from our experience as a fully accredited heat pumps company and a premium partner to some of the world's best manufacturers of heat pumps, guaranteeing you the standard of our workmanship and engineering.

Enjoy a cosy temperature at home with the best heat pump maintenance and repairs in the UK. Similar to your gas boiler or vehicle, heat pumps need regular servicing to retain maximum economic efficiency. The ACE Heat Pumps UK engineers have a working background in all aspects of heating pumps and hot water systems. That means they are thoroughly qualified in the diagnosis of faults and are ideally prepared to identify and advise you on the most cost-effective repair options. At The ACE Heat Pumps UK, we always aim to keep costs competitive; however, in times of high demand, our customers with a valid service agreement receive lower costs for engineer call-outs as well as enjoy higher priority.

Many companies seeking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint are beginning to look at heat pumps for a cost-effective, long-term solution for heating a busy office. A ground source heat pump, providing energy to a business without the supply of gas, can save you about 3,000 annually, according to the Energy Savings Trust. In effect, commercial heat pumps transfer heat from one part of a commercial building to another. Its most popular version is the air source heat pump, which utilises minimal electricity to convert the ambient heat in the outside air and bring it indoors, where it can then be used to maintain a supply of hot water at a higher temperature, for underfloor heating, and radiators.