Regal provide modern, economic and efficient ways to control air quality and temperature throughout the year - day or night, in any working environment. Regal Environmental Systems Limited are specialists in the design, installation and service of air conditioning, heating and ventilation and humidification systems (electrosonic and humidisonic ultrasonic humidifiers using TDK NB 59 S nebuliser for coolmist units).

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With many years of experience, our sales, design and service staff will deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently. We offer free advice and a fast response to your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning needs. Our in house team of fully trained engineers and technicians will deliver your service, installation or repair efficiently and economically. Once a job is complete, you will receive your engineers report quickly.

Our products can kill 99.999% of known Bacteria & Viruses and eradicate Moulds, Pollens, VOC's, Smells to name a few. Whether you have a small home office or a large retail showroom our design and application team can help you solve your indoor air quality (IAQ) worries and offer a solution to your specific problem. Regal will apply the right technology to suit your needs, whether you need fresh air ventilation with HEPA filtration or pathogen killing technologies like UV-C or Ionization. We can modify existing air conditioning systems or provide stand alone equipment to give you the freedom and flexibility to tackle your IAQ issues exactly where you need it.

Key benefits includerapid summer cooling and winter heating of your home or office environment, air filtration andoptimum air distribution keep the air you breath clean while avoiding drafts. Regal's industrial air conditioning systems provide large scale cooling and heating capacity for your factory, storage facility or workshop. Regal industrial air conditioning provides temperature control to the industrial working environment. Where temperature stability of materials or stock is important the added benefit of cooling with heating maintains the temperature throughout the seasons.

Temperature controlis essential in a laboratory that is carrying out processes that require testing to specified limits to conform to quality assurance standards. Regal installed a Daikin wall mounted energy efficient heat pump system to provide the necessary cooling or heating to keep the room within the temperature set for the testing standards. Ourcustomer is happy and confident their processes will be carried out in the correct working environment and sent a BIG thanks to the Regal installation team.

Regal provides a range of humidifiers including traditional steam electrode and modern energyefficient ultrasonic systems for any application. Humidifiers are commonly used in office buildings to replace moisture removed by air conditioning. Close control of the humidity is required in art conservation and storage facilities. Data centres and process manufacturing such as a pyrotechnics factory requires humidity to avoid static and maintain close control of the relative humidity (RH) levels. Regal manufactures in the UK it's Electrosonic humidifiers also referred to as Ultrasonic, Nebuliser or cool-misthumidifiers. Energy efficiency is gained by using Transducers to nebuliseclean water into cold steam (water mist).

Modern economic Heat Pump systems are an excellent choice for residential projects in rural areas as an alternative to LPG or Oil fired heating. Call Regal now to find out more. Regal also design, install and maintain traditional Gas fired boilers for offices and warm air heaters for workshops, warehousing and storage spaces. Heat Pumps are widely used in office applications saving space and offering good levels of control and energy efficiency, saving you money. Regal also provide conventional gas firedheating systems using the latest high efficiency condensing boilers for small or large scale offices.