Space Air has built its reputation on providing the highest level of customer support services and by offering the best technical solution for the air conditioning / heat pump requirements of our customers.

Our operational standards are reflected in our accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 (quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (environmental). From the Guildford HQ Space Air operate a sophisticated logistics system, technical training facilities, commercial and residential showrooms hold over 5,000 individual DAIKIN spare parts and manufacturer a wide range of accessory items to complement the DAIKIN product range.

Space Air consider themselves as the link between the manufacturer and all allied services: architects, specifiers, M&E consultants, main and sub contractors, facility managers and end users because they do everything to help you get the solution which will suit your building requirements, and your budget. Space Air hold RIBA approved CPDs.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • We accept Spare Part orders before 4.00pm Mon - Fri and can dispatch the very same day.

Serviced Areas

  • Guildford & Woking

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  City Guildford
  Postcode GU2 3DX
  Address 2A Henley Business Park
  Phone Number 01483 478 715

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From Our Website

Air conditioning is to control the temperature in the main, control the humidity and clean the atmosphere that we live in. To control the temperature we have to add heat (energy) when cold and remove heat (energy) when warm. This energy has to be transported from outside to inside (Heating) and from inside to outside (Cooling). This is where we use the air to carry the energy from inside to outside and vice versa. The use of Air Handling Units (AHU), or Roof Top Packages (RTP), to condition the air (temperature, humidity sometimes), filter and refresh the air and send it through ductwork to the occupied space where the conditioned air will heat or cool the space as required and return via return air ducts back to the AHU or RTP.

As European legislation* puts pressure on energy users to cut their energy consumption, improve the energy efficiency of buildings and homes, as well as meeting the Commission's 20/20/20 targets, we as an industry need to investigate more appropriate ways to evaluate efficiency. The Eco-Design Directive (ERP) aims to reduce the environmental impact of products in the EU. With this in mind, an implementing measure for air conditioners is currently being developed to introduce a new method for performance specifications - seasonal efficiency - a measurement that will eventually replace the nominal efficiency method, which has its limitations and is now outdated.

We became a vital link between the manufacturer and all customers from Dealers, Specifiers, Architects, Contractors, Facility and maintenance companies and end users. We specialised not only in equipment knowledge but provide solutions to whole aspects of the HVAC industry including legislation and regulations that lead manufacturers to reduce energy consumption and make equipment accessible to all walks of life. Our focus was and still is, on how to promote and support the innovation and advancement in the air conditioning market by providing complete support to customers from design, quotation, logistics, technical support and aftersales.