Our Air Conditioning Service.

At Turn Key Air Conditioning we have developed a capability which leaves us ideally placed to work with end users in the retail, commercial and leisure sectors. These areas are amongst the most demanding in terms of design, technical and project management skills.

Here are some of the reasons of why businesses in these sectors select Turn Key Air Conditioning as site development partners:

One stop shop.
Turn Key Air Conditioning offers a very simple contractual route. It is quite normal for a property developer or end user to use the services of consulting engineers, surveyors and approved inspectors. Turn Key Air Conditioning has all of these professional functions within its organisation.

Installation flexibility.
We are vastly experienced in working in shop fitting environments. With the pressure on adherence to store opening dates, a vital element for survival in this environment is the need to be self-sufficient. Many organisations focus on the importance of being contractually correct'. Our ethos is lets get the job done'. To achieve this, our staff are trained to be multi-skilled. We also stock our vans very specifically, to enable our staff to deal with the practical obstacles that arise. The vans are racked out with a comprehensive arrangement of power tools, core drills, hand tools and a wide range of materials and components selected to cover most eventualities.

Consulting background.
The consultancy background of our management team is used to the benefit of our clients in many ways. At survey and evaluation stage we often identify issues which could prove to be very problematic at a later stage if not picked up and addressed. We work very closely with air conditioning equipment manufacturers are conversant with the latest air conditioning equipment specifications and the requirements of Local Authority Regulations.

Here are some examples of how Turn Key Air Conditioning adds value for clients.

A Optimisation of Utility Supplies.
All sites can have either single or three-phase electricity and natural or liquid petrolium gas supplies. During feasability and design, our proposals aim to offer optimum utilisation of the available services, giving consideration to performance, space planning, life-cycle and prime costs.

B Landlord, planning, building and control approval.
For most of our repeat business clients we deal with this. The process can be daunting for clients not versed in the process, especially when dealing with landlord's agents.

C Enhanced Capital Allowances . (ECA)
To encourage businesses to be conscious of their energy efficiency, the government has applied a Climate Change Levy (CCL) from April 2001. The CCL is an energy tax that adds approx. 15% to typical energy bills for UK businesses.

The proceeds from the levy are used to fund the enhanced capital allowances scheme. Through this scheme, businesses installing equipment that meets energy efficiency standards can claim the full cost of the installation, and associated works, against pre-tax profits in the first year.

We are fully aware of the latest air conditioning equipment specifications and we guide our clients through the complex application process.

Client benefits such as these typically cost 8 - 15% of the contract value in consultancy fees. For clients of Turn Key Air Conditioning they come as part of the package on offer and can represent a substantial saving on the total project cost.

Air Conditioning Equipment - Extended Warranty
Due to the volume of units that we purchase from the major air conditioning systems manufacturers, Turn Key Air Conditioning is able to offer an extended warranty on most of our air conditioning units.

This offers several benefits to our clients with regard to budgets.
Firstly, the budgeted costs over the 5 year period will be lower due to the extended warranty. Secondly, the extended coverage means that the air conditioning maintenance budget cost prediction is much more reliable.

Serviced Areas

  • All of UK

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Customer Testimonials

Turn Key Air Conditioning successfully design and install up to 40 air conditioning and ventilation systems per year for Coral Estates since 1999.The company has consistently displayed a very high degree of professionalism, with such high quality workmanship that their site workforce was commended by our main contractors and operating staff. J.W. Jones, Divisional Building Surveyor, Coral Estates Ltd.

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From Our Website

In addition to our air conditioning installations, TKAC offers a nationwide Maintenance & Service facility. We have structured our business to provide a network of bases enabling us to provide air conditioning maintenance and servicing to all UK locations. We offer very attractive planned maintenance packages, which can minimise downtime and seriously reduce the costs of service call outs. Please call us now to discuss your maintenance needs on 01302 719433. Turn Key Air Conditioning has regional offices in Newcastle, Doncaster, Birmingham and London.

Here at Turn Key Air Conditioning, we continually strive to meet the high standards of our customers. To achieve this we stay ahead of the game when it comes to state of the art design and technology. We deal with only the most reputable, world renowned manufacturers, such as market leading Mitsubishi Electric. As a Business Solutions Partner [BSP], we have been totally committed to bringing the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. This has of course been helped by the outstanding quality and ethics provided by this exceptional manufacturer.

Ventilation: The process of replacing stale air with fresh air. Good ventilation removes unpleasant smells, excess moisture, dust, airborne bacteria, smoke and carbon dioxide. It replenishes oxygen levels and circulates fresh air throughout the indoor environment. TKAC are experts in the installation and maintenance of effective and energy efficient ventilation systems. We routinely incorporate ventilation requirements into combined air conditioning and heating systems. Natural Ventilation refers to the flow of fresh air to an internal space through temperature or pressure differentials.

Ground source heat pumps and the high efficiency levels they offer have been well known for some time. The lesser known air source heat pumps can also offer significantly higher levels of efficiency in comparison to traditional home heating systems. Air source heat pumps are much easier and far less costly to install than ground source, making them a far better option for many homes. The Ecodan air source heat pump system has an external box which is fitted to the outside wall. The box harvests renewable, low grade energy from the outdoor air and upgrades this into useful heat.