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List of East Grinstead based air conditioning companies. In our database we have 3,500+ firms covering 2500 towns and cities in UK and offering domestic, commercial & industrial aircon systems for sale, installation and repair services.

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In the 1980's, during the infancy of the telecommunications and computer industries as we know them now, it became apparent that a highly intelligent solution should be developed to serve the very rigorous demands which the sophisticated machine rooms placed upon their air conditioning systems. Hiross, a world-leading manufacturer from northern Italy, pioneered the concept of conditioned air being

Firstgate Services is a customer-oriented air-conditioning company, operating throughout London and the southeast of England, providing air-conditioning and mechanical services to a whole range of different commercial buildings, from shops to hospitals, including general offices, computer rooms, dentist/doctor surgeries and schools, etc. We focus our activities on new air-conditioning installations

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