Air Conditioning Companies in Hailsham

List of Hailsham based air conditioning companies. In our database we have 3,500+ firms covering 2500 towns and cities in UK and offering domestic, commercial & industrial aircon systems for sale, installation and repair services.

Aspen Pumps & BBJ accessories were started in 1992 by three Engineers who were installing air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. We found the installation of air-conditioning equipment was often awkward and sometimes difficult to find a route for the condensation water to be found. As a result we developed the peristaltic condensation pumps to remove condensation for our own needs.

Air Conditioning is primarily the control of temperature and humidity. To control temperature we must add heat (energy) when we are cold, and remove heat (energy) when we are warm. This is done by transporting the energy from outside to inside for heating - and from inside to outside for cooling. For advice on the most suitable system for your application contact us now.

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