Air Conditioning Companies in Launceston

List of Launceston based air conditioning companies. In our database we have 3,500+ firms covering 2500 towns and cities in UK and offering domestic, commercial & industrial aircon systems for sale, installation and repair services.

Our aim is to continue to provide all our customers with a high level of service. As registered dealers for market leaders such as, Gram, Foster, Caravell, Frimatec coldrooms, we offer you our catalogue of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment and air conditioners to order on-line. Please feel free to browse under the categories to the left hand side. Many of the products offered come in

Air conditioning controls the temperature, moisture, cleanliness and movement of indoor air. It can cool or warm the air, eliminate dirt, dust and fumes, making it healthier to breathe. In modern buildings, air conditioning can transform a hot sticky environment into a refreshing oasis. It improves the productivity of staff, it keeps merchandise clean and rooms dust & germ free.